Road Trip 2013: Day 7. Cloudy Day at Waterton.

It seems fitting that the next part in my road trip story is a rain day.  This was one full day that I spent in the mountains…without seeing any mountains.  The clouds were thick and completely covered the grandeur.  Despite the fact that I couldn’t see the mountains, I knew they were still there, and anxiously waited for the sun to come out again.

Day 7: Wateron Lakes – 15 km driven
Today was one of the dreaded rain days. Its not that it rained that much, but it was super cloudy, and I couldn’t even see the mountains for most of the day. When I got up, it was as though I had returned to Northern Ontario, as all I could see were the rocky bottoms of the mountains…while their soaring grandeur was hidden by the dark clouds. And I don’t mean that there were some clouds covering some of the mountains. ALL of them were covered. I even went for a quick drive out of the town to see if it was different at all. But it was all the same.

So I went and bought ice for the cooler, then wandered through a few of the gift shops in town. But that got old pretty quick, and its not like Waterton is that big. I wound up back at the campsite, where I watched a few tv episodes, then had a nap. After lunch I decided to chase down some pictures of the Columbian Ground Squirrels that populate the campsite. Then I saw some birds that I had noticed before that had some interesting colours. So I took some pictures of them. The clouds did clear up a bit, but not much. I sat by the lake for a while and took some pictures and otherwise just rested. And that’s pretty much been my day. I’m hoping to head to Banff tomorrow but am a little disappointed by the fact that rain seems to be on the forecast for the next several days….hopefully it’s like yesterday, and it ends up being sunny anyway.

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