Road Trip 2013: Day 17. Rain day at Dease Lake

Rain days in the middle of nowhere can be a bit boring as there isn’t much to see or do.  But when on  a month long road trip, having a day of rest can be a good thing.  So here is my journal entry from a rainy day at Dease Lake.

Day 17: Rain Day, Dease Lake  –  27 km driven
This morning I woke up, before my alarm, as usual. The days are getting longer up here and even though I’m setting my alarm for 730am, I’m always up before that because it’s so light out. Anyways, the sun was shining and I could see some blue skies. I took that as the signal that the weather would be nice and the drive to Telegraph Creek was a go. So I packed up the campsite, and started back to the junction, where there was also a gas station. I filled up with gas, and then it started raining. The sun had gone and it was all dark and cloudy. I decided to sit it out for a while since in the mountains, rain often doesn’t last long. So I sat at the side of the gas station for an hour, reading my Bible(since it is Sunday). It was still raining and the clouds didn’t look like they were going to break either. I felt a bit indecisive, since I knew from previous days that if I just set out, it would probably turn out fine. But I knew the road to Telegraph could be treacherous, especially when wet, so I did the responsible thing and returned to my campground. It did continue to rain for a while, and then it was still dark and cloudy looking until after lunch. I just rested in the tent. Once the sun came out in the afternoon, I went for a walk along the side of Dease Lake. It’s not really a scenic lake, but it was nice to have a relaxing walk. Today goes on record as the first day that I didn’t take any pictures. Almost kind of sad, but there really isn’t anything to photograph around here.

I bought some firewood this time and had a fire to cook dinner on. Near the end of the fire, it started to look dark out and the wind started blowing pretty hard. The rain began, so I retreated to my tent where I am now. I tried to look up the radar maps on the internet to see how big the storm was, but was informed that there are no radar stations near this location….not to mention that the internet here is satellite and is run by generator. I’m obviously a long way from civilization.  The weather is supposed to be better tomorrow, so hopefully the drive to Telegraph Creek will happen then.

Campsite at Dease Lake. I stayed here for 3 nights.
Campsite at Dease Lake. I stayed here for 3 nights.

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