Trans-Taiga Adventure. Part 8

After the signs and fanfare for entering the James Bay Road, the entrance to the Trans-Taiga is a little disappointing. There are no Trans-Taiga signs…just some beat up direction signs pointing to some dams. I actually was expecting more…

The entrance to the Trans-Taiga

After stopping for this picture, I cleaned some bugs off the windshield, and was just about to start…..when a full size tour bus passed…and drove down the Trans-Taiga!!! Epic moment….destroyed.

I waited a few minutes to give the tour bus a headstart, and started down the road. It was a bit disappointing. It was perfectly smooth and absolutely no scenery for the first 30km.

It was to become so very awesome…it just took time.

Beginning of the Trans-Taiga

Sometimes the paths of life that God leads us down aren’t as exciting as we think they should be. It can be easy to look for more exciting things, and jump from path to path. It is hard to understand God’s leading, but sometimes patience is the best option.

(btw, I never caught up with the tour bus, and I did see it again on my way back. I think it may have been a shuttle bus from Radisson to some of the hydro stations near the beginning of the road)

It gets better!

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