Road Trip 2013: Day 3

The drive from Thunder Bay to Manitoba was probably the most boring part of the whole road trip, and as result this journal entry is less interesting.  It’s still part of the story.  I would love to have something profound to add each time I post these, but I don’t for this one…

Day 3: Sleeping Giant To Whiteshell Provincial Park – 657 km driven
Today was a bit different. First I drove to church in Thunder bay. On my way, I realized that I probably was going to be really early, so I had some time to stop by the Terry Fox Memorial. There was also a signpost on the highway where his marathon ended. The view of Lake Superior was pretty nice too.

I went to Thunder Bay URC for church. They were really welcoming. Several people stopped to talk to me, and I received several invites for lunch, although I had to say no since I was hoping to drive to Manitoba. At the suggestion of one of the members I made a quick stop at Kakebeka Falls on my way out. It was pretty good, but I didn’t stay long.

The push behind everything today was getting to Manitoba. There was a fair drive to go, and I wasn’t sure if I actually had time to get where I wanted. The drive was also decently boring, as it was just the standard rocks and trees of Ontario….with less water, and shorter rocks than the area around superior. I did make one quick stop at the line for the different time zone where they had a sign. I almost ran out of gas too. I’ve been really conservative with my gas fillings so far, but this time I wanted to see how far I could go. At least I made it. Anyways, after a 5.5 hour drive, I made it to Manitoba. Unfortunately it was raining, so I didn’t get a picture at the border.

And now I’m at the campsite at Whiteshell Provincial Park, sitting in my tent….because its raining. And apparently its going to rain all night too. Its looking like it might be raining tomorrow when I was supposed to make my run across the prairies. I might just drive a bit further to the other side of Manitoba, then use one of my rain days, since I do actually want to see the Prairies….not just drive through them in the rain.

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