Road Trip 2015: Day 5. Bonavista

Wednesday | Aug. 12, 2015 @ 7:30pm
Today was much more my preferred pace. We slept in this morning since I was going to have to call some glass repair shops. We slept really well since the ground under our tent was quite soft compared with previous campgrounds. It took a few tries but I eventually found a glass shop that could replace the car’s windshield in a time frame that works. So that was a big load off my mind.

The Road to Bonavista
The Road to Bonavista

We decided to skip the trail that I had planned in the Trinity area and instead left for Bonavista. I wasn’t expecting Bonavista to be that interesting so I was surprised when it turned out to be a bit bigger and more colorful that the other towns we had been through. It also had a bit of a harbour and some fishing boats, which is something I’ve found oddly missing so far. I knew fishing was dead in Newfoundland, but I expected more. We talked for a bit with a store keeper who said that a lot of the young people move away from the island for jobs after going to university.


We then set out for Dungeon Provincial Park. After making a wrong turn(still trying to use the paper map instead of google), we made it to the road to the Bonavista Cape. The land opened up and there were no trees, but rather rocks and tundra like ground cover along with decently high rock cliffs down to the waves that were crashing along the shore. The road ended at the lighthouse and there were some trails branching out from there that we hiked for a short bit after having lunch. I greatly enjoyed the scenery as it was wide open and you could see for miles as the rough land met the gently swelling ocean. The rock covered tundra is a new experience for me and I really liked it. We also went to Dungeon Provincial Park which was also interesting but had no real trails. Overall we took the time on the Cape really slowly and just enjoyed ourselves and took in the amazing views. It was much more relaxed than previous days have been.

The Bonavista Cape
The Bonavista Cape

We then set out for Terra Nova National Park. The drive was uneventful and much more boring than previous drives have been. The nice thing at this point is we are a day and a half ahead of schedule. The plan is to take tomorrow slowly, which will be a nice change of pace.

Dungeon Provincial Park. (that's me on the edge, near the center)
Dungeon Provincial Park. (that’s me on the edge, near the center)

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