Road Trip 2015: Day 8. Arrival at Gros Morne

Saturday | Aug. 15, 2015 @ 7:30pm
Well, we have started stage two of the trip, and it’s been awesome. I had my doubts, but they are gone now.  The day started out pretty normally with getting up at 6:30am and getting on the road for Gros Morne. The drive there was kind of boring, with nothing of note to see for most of the trip. After Deer Lake things started to get bigger and higher, but still nothing serious. Then we entered the park boundary and everything got serious. Everything was quite high and the road started going up and down some large hills, with great corners and amazing views over the arms of the bay. The crazy thing is, it completely reminded me of northern BC. The way the road curved, the height of the mountains and how they slid past was so much like BC. I was instantly transported and it was as though I was living that time in BC all over again. I loved it.

First sights of Gros Morne
First sights of Gros Morne

There are 6 campgrounds in Gros Morne and we were unsure of which one to go to. I had seen pictures that suggested there were some sites that could be obtained right by the water. So we drove to the visitor center and asked. They gave us some suggestions and we wound up at the Lomond campground, where there were 3 possible sites right by the water that were first come first served…and there was still one site available! It has a great view of the mountains across the bay. Probably the best campsite I’ve ever had!

That's my tent down by the water at the Lomond Campground!
That’s my tent down by the water at the Lomond Campground!

We drove around a bit, then had some dinner at the campsite. Then we set out for the village of Trout River as the sun was setting. As we drove by the tablelands, there were foggy clouds rolling over the mountains with the run shining through them which looked amazing! The tablelands were also really amazing. Beside their red colour, they were really high and so accessible, by the side of the road. I was blown away.

Fog over the tablelands.
Fog over the tablelands.

We made it to Trout River and it turned out to be a nice little fishing town that didn’t seem to be very tourisized at all. It had lots of multi coloured fishing huts that looked great in the light of the setting sun. We also stopped by a lookout with a mountain range in the background that very much reminded me of the rockies.

Trout River
Trout River

This has been an amazing day. Probably the first time that I’ve really been blown away since the ferry ride in .

Mini Rockies?
Mini Rockies?

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