Trans-Taiga Adventure. Part 3

New Life

Along the James Bay road there was a large area that had been burned by a forest fire. Throughout the trip I would come across burned areas. Some seemed more recent…others were older. In some areas it seemed like life was taking a very long time to return. In others trees were springing up all over the place. The land is harsh, and it can take time…but there was something joyful about seeing young, brilliant trees growing up on the bare plain. Bright green and full, slowly replacing the worn, darkened, wretched trees that once stood in their place.

On many of my trips, the land is beautiful in a way that shows us God’s majesty, power, and love of beauty. This one was different. In the extreme wilds of this land, the stark beauty is a picture of God’s love and provision for his people. We are like the boreal forest…the Taiga. Wretched, thin, bending, unable to hold up under the weight of our sin. Fire is exactly what’s needed. To burn away the old, making room for new life.

The new forest can take time to grow. Decades even. But it will grow. The old shriveled land is made new again, even in the harsh world of the Taiga.

Provided for. Loved.

New Life!
Fresh looking trees by Old Factory River

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