Trans-Taiga Adventure. Part 2

The James Bay Road is paved, but generally quite rough, with lots of expansion bumps and frost heaves. It is also very remote. It is over 600km long and has a gas station near the middle and in Matagami and Radisson on either end. There are a few campgrounds and picnic areas along the way, but otherwise there isn’t much of anything. It really is wild when you consider just how far 381km without a gas station really is.

Long way to go.

The scenery was also quite striking, especially through areas that had been burned in forest fires. It was more interesting than I was expecting it to be.

Some people only do the run to James Bay and skip the Trans-Taiga, and I can say, it would be worth the trip, and a great way to get a taste of remote Canada without getting too far away from it all.

Up and down.
Glimpses of the road further ahead
Camping by the Opinaca River

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