Trans-Taiga Adventure. Part 1

This summer I set out to drive to the end of the Trans-Tiaga Road, which is one of, if not the most remote road in North America. At the Caniapiscau Reservoir at the end, it is 745km to Radisson, the closest town, and 306 km from the last gas station.  A one of a kind journey!

The first part of the journey was the James Bay Road. Which in some ways was more remote than the Trans-Taiga was. Aside from this sign, I didn’t notice any other references to the road name again. I think it was just assumed that you knew what road you were on after this point. In general, the more remote you got, the less signage there was.

The drive to Matagami, at km 0, was a gentle intro to remote driving, as before reaching town, there is a 175km stretch of highway with no services, and nothing along the way aside from logging roads. At the end of a 14 hour driving day, that felt really remote as it just went on and on.

I found the trip eased me into the remote stuff…which was nice because I was nervous about it…especially after having crashed up in Labrador last summer. This trip was really an exercise in trusting in God’s provision and care, and a few days in, my worries had disappeared as I trusted more and more. I was also to observe God’s care for his creation along the way. More about that is coming.

Windshield after the first day.

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