Trip Journal: Labrador 2017

I always journal my road trips, and I have been working on a more on purpose journal style for daily life as well.  My Labrador trip was the beginnings of my new journal style, and I think it’s worth reading, especially knowing how it all ended. The morning after the last entry here, my Jeep was totaled in an accident and the trip came to an abrupt end.  It is interesting to note that I had been looking for chances to talk to people and possibly share about God, and that prayer was kind of answered through the crash itself.
To read about the crash and aftermath: Light in the Darkness in Labrador

(I have on purpose not included any pictures.  Let the words paint the scene)

Day 1 – London to Baie Comeau
1406.5 km driven

-crescent moon low on the horizon when I first left at 3am
-terrific sunrise, went on and on and on, and kept changing
-driving through the Laurentians between Quebec city and Baie Comeau.  There were a number of times the scenery reminded me of Cape Breton
-chatted with an older guy while on the Saguenay Ferry.  He likes to travel and noticed me so we compared notes for a bit

What God did
-traffic was perfect, with only one small slowdown in Quebec city
-didn’t get lost or miss any exits in Montreal or Quebec city, despite my usual issues and worries
-the weather turned out terrific.  It was supposed to rain, but didn’t rain at all, and was sunny with dramatic skies most of the time. Weather is perfect at campground
-the person at the desk at the campground spoke perfect English.  I had been worried that I would have issues with people only speaking French
-at various times during and before the trip prayed about these things, and my prayers were answered.

Prayers for tomorrow
-that I would have time to think on my relationship with God
-easier time assembling the tent
-find a place to stay tomorrow night
-that the weather will continue to hold or that it would be useful for pictures if it doesn’t
-that I would have opportunity to talk to more people one on one


Day 2 – Baie Comeau to Labrador city
658.2 km driven
2064.7 total

-The manic dams were really cool, especially since in several cases you could drive almost right up to them.
-the paved portion of 389 was a fun set of twisties
-the first gravel portion was interesting as some spots were more sandy than gravel.  there were a number of nice views where you could see for a long way
-the second gravel portion was strange.  it was between the mines at Fire Lake and Fermont.  The land there is weird with small rock outcroppings, random super sandy spots, and tundra.  So the road follows that land as though they were told no fill was allowed.  It continually crisscrosses the railway tracks and turns every which way.

What God did
-I did have a much easier time setting up camp this time
-I found a place to stay without too much trouble
-it has rained a couple times but not hard and not for very long.  The weather has held out quite well, and because of the chance of rain, the skies were quite dramatic
-I didn’t really talk to anyone, but thinking back, the person at the information building seemed eager to answer questions…
-it has been a busy day.  Driving long distances on gravel takes a lot of work…so i haven’t had time to think on God much.  Although I do have more time this evening.

Prayers for tomorrow
-that I would find a place to stay again or that it be obvious if there is somewhere I should boondock
-that the weather continue to hold out
-that I have a more restful time
-more opportunities to talk to people, and that I take them


Day 3 – Labrador City – Almost Goose Bay
452.2 km driven
2516.9 total

-was raining when I woke up, decided to drive back towards Lab City to get cell service and decide on day.  Found out, no camping at all in Goose Bay.
-as I turned to drive back, the sky looked really dramatic and great, so I decided I might as well go instead of waiting a day, since there is nothing to do where I am now
-It did end up raining a bunch while I was driving, however, the scenery on the way to Goose Bay is mostly not that interesting.
-as I neared Goose Bay I started looking for a place to boondock.  Drove a couple of nice off road areas near the big hydro lines(boondocking is a term sometimes used to refer to camping by the side of the road, where there isn’t a campground)
-the scenery got way better as I entered the Happy Valley
-found a great place to boondock, got tons of great pictures

What God Did
-I had prayed that God make it obvious where I should stay, and for the 4 places I checked out first, it just didn’t feel right, so I moved on.  The place I did end up was absolutely the best
-especially once I stopped, the day was very restful
-I did talk to the guy serving gas in Churchill Falls, not for long, but we chatted a bit
-speaking of weather.  Just as I started preparing dinner, it started getting really windy and raining.  I looked behind me and there was a big, dark rain cloud coming.  Worried that it was going to start pouring, I had to quickly pack everything up, and then set up the tent, which was hard because of how windy it was.  Then, all of a sudden all was calm, and it stopped raining.  Where I am I could see in all directions and it appeared to still be raining in most directions, just not where I was.  This continued for the remainder of the evening.  So not only did God stop the rain for me, he allowed me to get some terrific shots from the storm happening all around.

Prayers for Tomorrow
-that I would know what to do about Sunday.  Unclear right now
-more opportunities to talk to people, maybe even about God
-that I would be more ready to trust when things seem to start going wrong.  I had been on the edge of upset when it started raining and I had to setup the tent

Day 4 – Goose Bay | Sunday | Rain
261.6 km driven
2778.5 total

-the morning at the boondock was nice and peaceful
-became cloudy and rainy as I pulled into Goose Bay, has been that way all day
-Goose Bay is very quiet, dying town….no tourism at all
-drove to Northwest River to see Sunday hill.  The road continued on, looked rough and fun so I drove a bunch.  It went through some old quarries and deep sand.  needed the 4×4.
-went to Baptist church in Goose Bay.  Was very small.  Only me and one other plus minister’s family.  apparently some were away.  Had a good chat with the minister.
-drove road by the river.  Did some more sand driving, this time on an actual beach
-went to Labrador interpretation center to get out of the rain

What God did
-when I got to Goose Bay and found out there was a Baptist church….plus it was raining so I couldn’t do any sightseeing…it made the decision of what to do really easy.
-I did get opportunity to talk to minister
-have been trying to trust that this rain is good for me.  Having trouble seeing that, especially if it continues tomorrow.

Prayers for Tomorrow
-that the rain would let up, or at least that I would know how to fill my time tomorrow
-that I would remember to include God in any decisions I make

Day 5 – Goose Bay | Rain Day
185.5 km driven
2964.0 total

-dreary overcast all day but not raining, so decided to put off leaving until tomorrow
-drove to the top of Sunday hill and actually hiked the trails
-explored a couple of other random roads, without really discovering anything
-visited the Labrador museum in North West river, which is setup in an old HBC trading post.  Lots of history of the area
-had lunch out in Goose Bay…nothing special
-drove to the airport/by the military base

What God did
-the rain did at least let up so I was able to go around and do stuff without getting wet
-very relaxed right now, very ready to get going tomorrow…so in a way this was a good break

Prayers for Tomorrow
-that the weather turns out nice for photos and experience when driving to Cartwright.  I don’t have much in the way of spare time anymore as I used it today and yesterday
-I’m worried about the current forecast for next weekend as that’s my time at Battle Harbour and I want it to be clear
-I do keep having times to talk to people but I easily run…ask for more courage

Day 6 – Goose Bay to Cartwright

-it was raining when i got up this morning, it stopped for a bit so I took down the tent and left
-it rained on the way to goose bay.  stopped at timmies for a coffee
-the rain let up and the sky wasn’t too bad for the drive to Cartwright
-the road was good, had a number of great spots where I could see for miles
-As I made the turn to Cartwright it started pouring.  at the same time, the land became quite a bit more hilly and wild looking.
-the sun came out as I drove in.  The area is beautiful and blows my mind for the first time this trip.
-stopped at the town office, to ask for info.  This town is not tourisized at all.  it has a very small motel, no restaurants, and no real trails.  They thought it was weird that I was even there.
-walked around the town, everyone is friendly and waves or says hello
-climbed flagstaff, while there, saw another higher lookout off towards some radio towers.  I know I had seen a road in that direction on google maps, so I went to find it
-it was a very narrow rough road that had the Jeep rock crawling up the hill in 4×4
-at the top it is almost a 360 view in all directions, with the bay being prominent.  the town is tiny below and it is perfectly quiet
-I got to drive the jeep right to the edge…I could drive where ever I want here, it is very flat with a few rocks
-my tent is held down with rocks as there is nowhere to drive the stakes in
-this is beyond belief…so amazing
-there was a rainstorm that went by as i arrived, it stopped raining where i am, but put on a good show in the distance
-i can see a row of tiny icebergs in the distance, making it hopeful that there will be good ones when i get further down

What God did
-I was super worried about the weather and how it would all pan out…I’m not anymore.  this camping spot has washed away all my fears, and even has me less worried about the fact that there’s supposed to be rain the whole time at Battle harbour
-I did talk to a number of people around town, just saying hi

Prayers for tomorrow
-that I would find wifi to connect with people back home
-that I would know whether to stay here longer or move on tomorrow

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