Trans-Taiga Adventure. Part 15

Caniapiscau. The end of the road is out of this world. After miles and miles of boreal forest, punctuated by some small lakes and massive rivers, the Caniapiscau reservoir is hard to fully take in. This is the largest body of water in all of Quebec. There are many contours to the shape of the lake…this view is less than an 8th of it.

Everything was shrouded in some mystery because of the rain that was coming and going. I struggled to find a good picture of it. Even this is an extreme photo edit. Yet, I kind of like that I couldn’t capture it well.

If you read my earlier post about Brisay, you’ll know that I compared this massive reservoir to God upholding us by His Holy Spirit. Keeping us/the dams going through the hard winter…with an endless supply of water of life. It only seems fitting that I couldn’t properly capture it’s grandeur.

To think that this wonder is hidden at the end of 670km of gravel…in the middle of nowhere…so few people ever see it. I’m quite sure that out of all the wonders I’ve seen, this one has been seen by the fewest people before me…and it’s quite possible that I may never top that.

It’s so suitable that the end of the road is at something like Caniapiscau. The road may have ended, but oh, there was some kind of quiet, awesome grandeur calling out. There was more. And really, when we think about our glorious God, who created all…who offers salvation, free flowing water of life, to such wretched Taiga as us…there is no end. The end is only the beginning when we are with Him.

The end is just behind me here.

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