Trans-Taiga Adventure. Part 16

So I had reached the end of the road.(see part 17) I got out of the Jeep and wandered around. Very quickly the bugs started swarming. I grabbed my camera and put on my jacket. I snapped a few pictures, but was getting destroyed by bugs. The swarm was getting so bad that I could feel them brushing past my face.

So here’s the thing. I had heard the bugs here were legendary. I’ve experienced the bugs in Labrador, which have a similar reputation. But imagine my surprise when all along my trip there were very little bugs. I had assumed it was because it was later in the summer. In fact the bugs were so few that I had no trouble sitting at my campsites in shorts and a t-shirt during the evenings. Then I got to Caniapiscau. Along with its otherworldly qualities…the bugs were above and beyond.

Just a few bugs…

I drove back down the road from the end, looking for a camp site. I found a great spot by the reservoir just half a km from the end. Even sitting in the jeep, I was getting swarmed. Along with my jacket, I quickly changed into pants, put my bug net on my head, and bug sprayed around my hands and ankles. The view through the bug net was crazy. The photo shows it well.

Best Camping spot around. Except for the bugs…

I started setting up camp. As I tossed the tent bag to the ground…phoop…the bugs were swarming all over it. This repeated with everything I took out of the vehicle. I gather these were super hungry bugs…probably because there weren’t many humans around. Haha.

It was dinner time. I really should have thought this through. I opened a can of pea soup, and right away there were a few bugs in it. I poured it into the pot, and got a few more. As I was eating, they were constantly drowning in it. I quickly gave up trying to get rid of them and just ate. I don’t know how many black flies and mosquitoes I ate, but it was enough that I got the odd crunch every now and then. Oh, and did I mention that when sitting still, they were finding their way into my clothes and biting me from the inside…

I went for a walk along the top of the dam after dinner and found that they were a lazy swarm and I could stay ahead of them easily. To be honest, at this point in the trip, this was kind of a laughable trial. It was kind of fun in some ways. I had learned to trust God in all circumstances, so what was a few extra bugs in my soup.

Top of the main dam

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