Fog can be beautiful too

I enter 2020 without a clear direction. The past few years have been always moving toward my big trip. Now that I’ve done it, I don’t know what’s next. I have some ideas, but they are far off or hard to achieve. For now I’m just living life, wondering if a door will present itself, or if I will have to create one.

I used to hate cloudy, foggy days on road trips. If only I could see the whole mountainside. This time, I came to love the fog. It adds a sense of depth that you wouldn’t get otherwise. As I edit my photos from this summer I’m blown away by the amazing fog photos time and time again. I’m sure God made fog for a reason.

I wonder if it was to show us that times of unknown can be beautiful too.

Especially if they lead us to Him. In a way I don’t have a specific life direction right now. But at a minimum, I want this next decade to be Nearer, Still Nearer. Close to His Heart. May my precious Savior draw me and shelter me in the coming year.

And just to be clear, I write this with fears and doubts still in the back of my mind…but if I keep my eyes on Jesus, they do become quieter. I need much practice doing that and I often fail, but as I look back over past years, can trust anew that He won’t let me down.

Happy New Year.

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